Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Soon after his hand was raised in victory, Thomas grabbed the microphone and told the crowd that he wouldn't mind taking on Chris Brown, who is accused of ...

People: Chris Brown, Rihanna 'taking a break' from each other
By Randy McMullen No one's using the term "breakup" yet, but Rihanna and Chris Brown have been apart in recent days and there's no indication of when they ...

Feminism in the Web era: It ain't pretty
The Web chatter by teenage girls who have been casually forgiving of rapper Chris Brown's alleged battering of his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, ...

Justin Timberlake Gets an Ear-Licking in New Ciara Video
... Magic" from her third album Fantasy Ride, out May 5th, debuted Monday on her Web site. Last seen grinding against Chris Brown during their performance ...

Cover Girl or Bad Girl: How the Media Blew the Rihanna Story
When news broke that 19-year-old R&B artist Chris Brown had been arrested by Los Angeles police Feb. 8 for allegedly attacking a woman in his car, ...

Chris Brown Looking Somber After Break Up
Chris Brown appeared depressed and desolate as he stared blankly in the back seat of a car. Brown has been charged with assault and making criminal threats after an alleged bust-up with Rihanna last month.

Chris Brown Inspires Teen Violence PSA
Chris Brown s alleged attack on girlfriend Rihanna has inspired an online PSA about teen dating abuse that reenacts the Feb. 8 incident in which the Umbrella singer was allegedly punched, bit and choked. The online PSA by DoSomething.org includes a young man beating up a young woman in a car while a narrator reads from the actual LAPD affidavit Rihanna submitted describing the attack. The ...

TIMBERLAKE GETS AN EARFUL OF CIARA: New video for 'Love, Sex, Magic' featuring J.T. debuts on singer's Web site.
Last seen in a risquй performance with Chris Brown during the 2008 BET Awards, the pop star has moved on to Justin Timberlake in the Diane Martel-directed video.

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